Shawnee County Allied Tribes Traditional Pow Wow

Honored Elders

Honor Roll Text

1993 - Catherine Clinton Vieux - Prairie Band Potawatomi

She was the first female Marine from the State of Kansas.

1993 - Jim Fire Eagle Boose - Aztec/Wampanoag

Spiritual leader of the Northern Aztec Peoples.

1994 -Kansas Governor Joan Finney (Wah na ko qua) - Adopted Kickapoo

Joan Finney served as the 42nd Governor of Kansas. She was born Joan Marie McInroy in Topeka, Kansas, the daughter of Leonard and Mary Sands McInroy. She graduated from high school in Manhattan, Kansas in 1942. In 1957, she married Spencer Finney, Jr. and had three children, Sarah "Sally" Finney Timm, Richard Finney, and Mary Finney Holladay. In 1978, she graduated from Washburn University with a degree in economic history. From 1953 to 1969, she served on the staff of Republican U.S. Senator Frank Carlson. From 1970 to 1972, she served as Commissioner of Elections for Shawnee County, Kansas. In 1972, running as a Republican, she was an unsuccessful candidate for a U.S. House seat. After switching her political affiliation from Republican to Democrat, she served as State Treasurer from 1975 to 1991. After upsetting former Governor John W. Carlin in the 1990 Democratic primary for Governor, she defeated incumbent Republican Mike Hayden in the general election becoming the first woman to defeat an incumbent Governor in a general election in the United States. In addition to being the State of Kansas's first female governor, she was Kansas' oldest governor, taking office at age 65, Kansas' first Roman Catholic Governor, and also one of the few pro-life Democratic Governors of her time.

1994 -Dr. Horne - VA Hospital Director of PTSD Treatment

Developer of the PTSD Treatment for Veterans.

1995 -Walter E. Cooper (Pahso) - Potawatomi Citizens Band Paso,

Walter Cooper is a member of the Potawatomi Citizens Band and was born in 1925 on the Potawatomi Reservation west of Mayetta, Kansas. Several years ago Walter and a reporter wer e discussing how poor they were growing up on the reservation. The reporter stated, "We were as poor as church mice". Walter responded, " . . . If we found a church mouse, we ate him". Walter joined the Marine Corps during World War II and served with 2nd and 8th Divisions. He was a member of one of the first units to land on Nagasaki after the bombing. Walter attended Haskell Indian School and graduated from Emporia State Teachers College in 1950 with a Masters Degree in Elementary and Secondary Education. He is a life member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Walter and Augustine were married in 1950. In the same article the reporter stated, "Few people know about their kind acts, as, true to their heritage, they do not seek praise . . . It is done out of love for their fellow man . . . they quietly share their skills and what materials they have. It doesn't seem to matter to them what color their fellow man is". During his thirty-three years as a teacher, Walter earned the reputation as an excellent craftsman, master woodworker, metal worker, mechanic and teacher. He also earned a reputation as a tireless worker, volunteering to serve on countless committees to better the community. He served on the board of directors for the Kansas Childrens Service League and was appointed to the Governors Advisory Council on Indian Affairs. At Pow Wows he was always willing to go the extra mile. He can do it all - from Master of Ceremonies to out-house builder. He was Chairman of the Potawatomi Pow Wow Committee for many years. Walter was and is a sportsman. He was a well known softball pitcher and is an active bowler. He has won many trophies from both sports. Walter is a fluent speaker of the Potawatomi language and is one of a few native speakers alive.

1995 -Julia G. Eteeyan-LaClair - Potawatomi Citizens Band

Julia is a member of the Potawatomi Citizens Band and was born on the Potawatomi Reservation west of Mayetta, Kansas, in 1915. Her family and friends feel her Indian name should be "woman who ages gracefully". She attended BIA schools and worked in the Dietary Department for Stormont-Vail Hospital until her retirement. Julia has two sons, George LaClair who lives near Mayetta, Kansas and Floyd LaClair who lives in Topeka, Kansas. Julia enjoys traveling to all the local events, celebrations and pow wows. She especially enjoys sharing her culture with youth. She spends many hours volunteering with the seniors on the reservation. For Julia it's not work, it is love. Julia has always been involved in some type of volunteer activity. Her family believes that if you look up the word "volunteer" you will find Julia's picture as the definition. When not volunteering she enjoys being an artist and doing her craft work. She especially loves sewing Indian shirts and creating her own crochet designs.