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Monday, January 21, 2018

Greetings everyone,

Please see the application to Shawnee County Allied Tribes Inc.; You remember!...  We put on the local Pow Wow at Lake Shawnee for over 27 yrs. now!

We invite you to help us continue putting on our cultural events by becoming a member of SCAT yourselves; You do not need to be 100% Native American to be a member, only have a desire to advocate for the betterment of the American Indian.

Your membership would demonstrate that certainly.

SCAT needs the backing and support of the total community - Indian and other peoples alike.  Someday perhaps sooner than later we can build an American Indian Cultural Center here in the Greater Topeka Area on our own little five acres where we can sing and dance, and drum with our feet on our own debt free piece of land again, as in times many years ago.

We have heard that Shawnee County Board of Supervisors may need to raise the cost for our 3-day Pow Wow at the lake from the current figure of $3300 to well over $7,000 this year just to cover their cost for labor, grounds upkeep etc. Other cost have also increased in recent years.

We are few and only a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit corporation; your donations are tax deductible and we sure could use your help.Would you please consider a membership or donation today to a Great and Worthy cause?  Help us continue to promote Native American Cultural events such as the local Pow Wow, children's Education Day (last year over 600 children participated from the local 501 school District along with private schools alike to experience displays and hands-On presentations of American Indian cultural)! 

                Feel free to use this as a template to send or forward perhaps to your friends and circle of influence if you agree.

God Bless,


Philip Skow


Shawnee County 2017 Pow Wow was a great success!


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We do not discriminate as to national origin, gender, race, religion, color, or handicap.

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